Friday, September 17, 2010

Last night.

Played a private party on a rooftop attended by the mayor (he told me "excuse me" at one point). Also notable was the improv rap performance we did. It went on for like a good 15 minutes.

Now off to Oly and futher destinations(-s).

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Company

Trying to come up with the best name for my new entertainment company/one-man talent agency. That is to say, a talent agency that specifically centers on capitalizing on my talents. Needs to somehow sum up the following themes, hopefully in one compounded invented word:

- Star
- Edutainment (I realize that's already a compound)
- Christian-based
- Stadium/Jock Jams
- Incorporating my last name with a 'Z' instead of an 'S'

All I have so far is maybe changing a T out (in eduTainment) with a crucifix?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Radical Sho'z

Couple weeks ago, rocked a couple sets with the SP posse.

The Hawthorne show, which was on a Friday, adopted a tone early, with specific rules and generally cold nature from the staff setting the stage up. I guess I wasn't offering any olive branches (is that an expression?), but I believe someone in the band was specifically told not to vomit in the parking lot. It seemed we had about 5 seconds to move all of our gear (dialed in HOT) to the stage and start performing, or else suffer the career-ending consequences. And I believe it was even less than 5 seconds elapsed after the end of our set, that I found most of my drum set strewn about the parking lot-- not violently of course, but I do mean that I got the pleasure of breaking my kit down in the outdoors, with no separation to my v.i.p. backstage area and the 14 Hawthorne line, whizzing by. Good stuff.
Our set that night seemed to be not of our best caliber, but I've been trying my best to not beat myself up after shows, just because of little snags such as mics falling off drums (which happened more at this show, that maybe all Search Party gigs combined) and rushing into new jamz before they are maybe 100% fully hatched. Anyway, a good night, and made even better by post-giggin' hang out sesh at nearby watering hole with the crew.

Saturday night was the exact opposite. Well, not exact, because I'm not officially writing Friday night off as an artistic flop entirely. It was a good night. Saturday night was a ROCKIN good engagement though. Opposite more meant like.. all the time in the world to set up, relaxin with jello shots, DFH 120 min IPA, Anchor Foghorn, etc. We got to stroll up from our little practice room at Audiocinema and play the "main room" or "big room" or common area, or whatever. Anyway, we were all in terrific moods, and had some good band/audience stage banter, and even the chance to rock some older jams that we've sort of abandoned as of late. A good return to the 25ish minute set too, which is where I think Search Party should try to always play into it, as it seems to fit us well. Sean and I toyed with the idea of sabotaging Chuck's keyboard playing (during Casper's set, later on) with a child's bouncy ball, which basically happened, but of course to nowhere near the effect of the legendary football-to-Scott at what was probably the only 3TQ gig I ever missed (damn it).

Up next is San Fran, where we'll spend some $$ on a van rental, and no $$ on records at Amoeba unfortunately, as I doubt there will be time. Sheeeit.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Highlight of the day

Pulled into the Jackson Tower lobby with a handtruck. As I waited for the elevator to come, a woman walks out of another door, keeps moving, then turns around to double-inspect me. Whatever she sees about my character (handtruck? week-long stubble? plaid shirt!??) makes her briskly run back to the door, and escort it shut, as it wasn't closing fast enough for her comfort. You know, to keep the riff raff like me from doing my evil deeds inside the building.

This is the kind of respect I command around my place of employment of 6 years! For pete's sake!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Show wrap ups, and million other things

There is nothing lamer than a blog that ever apologizes to itself for not updating. SO that's never going to happen. I have no regrets.

Search Party has played three shows since the last time I've written here about our shows. The first one was an Ash St. engagement back in January. It was a 4 band bill, and was full of dudes and dudettes that were all incredibly nice. It seemed that all the bands watched the other bands that night, which is kind of a rarity. And I was mega impressed by my friends' patience (or sympathy?) to show up on a weeknight, downtown. So cool! We debuted a new one that we are really happy about at this one- "Predictable".

Up next was a recording session at the famed Long St. hit factory (tagline/motto - "Where we shit gold!"). Recorded skeletal beginnings of 6ish songs, some already have some vocals and other things overdubbed. Easily lightyears beyond the kitchen sesh from exactly one year previous. Actually, our two recording sessions have been recorded on the afternoon of the NBA dunk contest. Which led me to believe our CD should be titled "DUNK CONTEST", which was not received as well as I'd hoped. Took a brief pause on these to play two shows this last week-

Show #1 was at the East End, which is probably my favorite place to play in town. I think it hadn't even been two months since we last played there, but I was eager to get back. We played a nice in and out sub-30 minute slot that basically featured only new songs that we had recorded the week previous, plus two old ones ("Look Out" and "Step Down" for those keeping track). My front bass drum head that has been with me since the inception of the band had dissolved into about 98% duct tape and 2% actual drum head material saw its last days of service this night.

Show #2 was a super fun, but slightly less tight than usual, sold out show at Lola's Room. I mention the sold-out aspect not to boast or anything, because really the draw comes from the band we were out to support- the super nice lads of Audiodub, once again. I hate to always dwell on the things that people probably don't notice or remember (such as me flinging a drum stick in the air.. so amateur!! Or John's effect pedals and and cables acting up at inopportune moments), so I will choose to remember some good feelings. Such as opening with "Relax" (not a Frankie Goes to Hollywood cover... yet.), and having the audience actually approach us during the beginning of our set as opposed to the end of our set. Also memorable fun was the new sing along "All My Friendz" (the 'z' is editorial on my part, keep your fingers crossed). Oh, who could forget the tequila post show as well? Tommy had gone off to cooler digs to wait for us, but we did one for Search Party in his honor without him.

What's next?? We're not going to play any shows for a few months. We want to put our "all" into everything we do, whatever the fuck that means, and maybe not dilute ourselves quite as much. Actually, if anything, it is kind of a courtesy for club bookers. They have no clue what shows we are doing generally, and are really out for the $$ in general. No mystery there, so it's not like I am bummed or cynical towards that or anything. But anyway, hopefully will be back in July or August with a CD or something disposable for people to listen to if there is any interest left at that point. Cool stuff. If anyone is actually reading this ever, and if you happen to be someone that has gone to one of our shows in the last 14 months, thanks x10000 from the bottom of my heart. It has been a total blast.

Now, for around the house. Gilly has gone off to bed, and I am listening to Deerhoof whilst wearing a Deerhoof shirt. So nerdy! Earlier I was drinking dogfish head beer while finally reading that article in the New Yorker about Dogfish Head brewery. On the beer tip, I still can't describe my beer beyond the most basic and clinical terms without embarrassing myself.. but I can always write out what I have been drinking. Lately, have been trying to stay economical, I guess. Full Sail Boardhead lasts me about 3 quarters of one Blazer game, and still is the best price to quality ratio you can get. Safeway started selling 6 packs of Stone IPA 12 oz'ers, right in time for IPA season (meaning my "IPA season", which is totally not a universal thing. Gilly has two seasons, whiskey and ginger ale in the winter, and vodka/tonics in the summer. I think of things in barleywine and ipa seasons.). Old Rasputin 4 packs from North Coast are tiding me over until Chuck and I can afford to split a case of Palo Santo again. The beer cupboard is getting a bit out of control, which is basically the best problem I can ever imagine having. Now if only I could figure out how to (economically) keep 'em at 55 degrees, I could start feeling like a true snob.
I am about as confident with writing about bands and music in blog form, as I am with describing beer in foodie-adjectives, so I will instead do my usual rundown like so: Eat Skull is fuckin awesome, can't wait for LP2. Speaking of Siltbreeze, finally got my Times New Viking late pass. New People Under the Stairs of course didn't disappoint, several laugh out loud lines, and lots of "we make hip hop the right way" bravado.. great sample-based shit. Maybe not as good as Stepfather, definitely doesn't touch LPs 1-3, but worth the 19 bucks 360 was charging for the double vinyl, which is saying something. New Q-Tip is like 80% great, which is about 30-40% more than I expected. The singles are the best joints though, which is no shocker. New Black Milk is kinda so-so, but his beat on GZA's "Pro Tools" is probably the best Wu the past year or so.
I'm on a Stereolab f'in KICK which happens every few years or so. Everyone thinks moogs and those hypnotic french chants when they think Stereolab, but what I love (especially on the older pre-Elektra records) are the songs with the massive guitars doing like one, maybe two chords tops. It makes me dream about a day when I can be in a band that I can be in the background playing the open A chord for like 8 minutes straight while everyone else onstage rips all this technical precise shit.

Okay, enough for now. Soon, like a week from now soon, Joe and I have 10ish track CD, done all on 4 track cassette. Easily the worst fidelity of anything I've done since high school, and easily probably some of my proudest moments band-wise thus far.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dependents? (Rough Draft)

-Big Mister
- .. who else am I forgetting?!